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The Royal Baby Vs. The Kimye Baby: How Their Regal Lives Compare


The Royal Baby Vs. The Kimye Baby
Imagine this playdate!
The royal baby and Kimye baby will both be rich, spoiled and adorable—just in these different ways.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby is due the same day as rap royalty Kanye West and reality princess Kim Kardashian's little lady—July 13. (Anyone else surprised that's not a Friday? Just us?)

It's a given that their babies are going to be pampered while they're in Pampers, but each couple will take a slightly different approach to how they go about spoiling their spawn. Here's a toast to the "Good Life," indeed.

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  • The Royal Baby will be baptized into the Church of England. The Kimye Baby won't have to be baptized, considering her dad calls himself Yeezus.
  • The Royal Baby will be heir to the throne after Prince Charles, then Prince William. The Kimye Baby will be heir to The Throne after Jay-z, then Blue Ivy. 
  • The Royal Baby will be related to Duchess Fergie. The Kimye Baby will hang out with the Dutchess Fergie Ferg.
  • The Royal Baby will become a monarch, while the Kimye Baby has been warned time and again that "No one man should have all that power."
  • The Royal Baby will have a slew of nannies and servants, while the Kimye Baby will have "New Slaves" on loop.
  • The Royal Baby will be close with Queen Elizabeth, but the Kimye Baby has it beat—she'll be BFFs with Queen Bey.

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