Don’t Settle: Get Him to Commit


Don’t Settle: Get Him to Commit
Advice on getting a man to commit and not settling for less.

A man commits to a woman when that woman fulfills his needs. One of the key things is that you need to love somebody the way they want to be loved and not the way you want to be loved. True love is allowing yourself to step outside of your boundaries. To step outside of your comfort zone and not be afraid to love them based on their needs, wants, and desires.

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As a man, I have no problem committing to a woman that will satisfy my needs, wants, and desires, because that’s what I want to do for her and she should expect it from me. That’s how simple this whole thing can be. That’s how easy it is. That is how you meet each other’s needs, with an open heart.

You’ll know when a guy doesn’t want to settle down with you if he’s not trying to satisfy you on all levels and if you’re constantly battling him to love you the way you want. Listen, relationships should be easy and fulfilling. You shouldn’t settle for a boyfriend that gives you anything less. After all, why would you? The next time you’re in a relationship if he’s not satisfying you then he obviously doesn’t want the same things as you. Maybe he’s not ready to be in a committed, healthy, loving relationship. And if he isn’t, why waste your time with him?

You deserve that healthy, committed, loving relationship that’s going to make your heart pound; a relationship that’s going to satisfy you; and above all a relationship that’s going to make you feel complete.

David Wygant is a dating coach and author of Always Talk to Strangers and Naked. For more relationship advice you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook

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