Don’t Settle: Get Him to Commit


Don’t Settle: Get Him to Commit
Advice on getting a man to commit and not settling for less.

By David Wygant

How do you get a man to commit? This is the one million dollar question I get asked every single day.


My answer is that first off, you need to make a commitment to yourself because it all starts from knowing and loving who you are. You can’t get a man to commit until you’ve accomplished this and until you’ve worked through any relationship issues. This includes dealing with all of your past relationships and knowing exactly what makes you happy.

How can you get a man to commit if you don’t really know what makes you happy? The biggest mistake women make is that they don’t know what they want from a relationship. They don’t understand their own needs and desires. So ask yourself, what are your needs, wants, and desires?

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One of the biggest questions that I help women answer during my seminars is how do you want to be loved? You really need to think about this question. Take a moment right now and write down exactly how you want to be loved. What would it feel like to be with your perfect man? How do you want to be touched? How do you want to be held? How do you want to be listened to? What’s the sex like? Write down every single detail about how you want this relationship to feel in your heart, because that’s the key to understanding what type of man you want.

If you don’t figure this out first then you’re going to end up trying to get the wrong man to commit to you because you’ll be dating men based on potential. Let me tell you, this is a huge mistake women make and they do it all the time. They think he’s going to be more loving when he stops working or that he’s going to be more attentive when he has less stress. Forget the excuses, forget what it will be like after. You need to know how you want to feel right now because that’s the most important thing in the world.

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So, how do you get the right guy to commit once you know these things? You satisfy his needs, wants, and desires. You find out exactly how he wants to be loved. What’s important to him? How does he like to be talked to? What’s important to him sexually? What’s important to him mentally? What’s important to him emotionally? Then, you ask yourself can you meet those needs? Can you actually look this man right in the eyes and know that you can fulfill him and every desire he has?

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