10 New Celebrity Dads


10 New Celebrity Dads
A list of wonderful celebrity fathers

Matthew is dad to three kids (Levi, Vida and Livingston) with wife Camila. His recent acting schedule has been packed, but when he’s not on set, Matthew’s favorite activity is story-time with his tots! Matthew shared with People magazine, “My favorite thing is reading a five-minute story that turns into a never-ending story. When it’s story time and I get to the end, there’s no the end. The kids hate the end!” Matthew also loves long phone chats with Levi, when he’s away shooting movies!

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Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has two daughters (Sasha and Malia) with wife Michelle. Despite his schedule loaded with meetings with world leaders and policy negotiation, Obama makes spending quality time with his teenage daughters a priority. Sasha and Malia absolutely know where they stand with their father; Obama told Essence magazine, “I want my girls to know that no matter what else is going on, they’re my first priority.”

What qualities make a terrific celebrity dad? Any other celebrity dads we should include on this list of Hollywood’s finest?