10 Genius Wedding Trends Inspired By The Internet


couple with laptop
How Skype, Pinterest and hashtags are making their way into your big day.

8. Bridesmaid Surveys
No one wants an unhappy bridesmaid, and brides might finally be getting the hint. Creating online surveys for bridesmaids takes the hassle out of deciding on a dress that flatters everyone. Bridesmaids can select which color palette and dress style they like on using survey platform sites, such as surveymonkey.com, so no one gets stuck in the classic banana dress.

9. Honeymoon e-funds
If you can register for a toaster, why can't you register something you definitely have never had before: a honeymoon? Traditionally, guests who don't want to select a gift might offer a monetary present instead, but now they can know exactly what their money is going toward via a simple and safe online transaction using a site like Honeyfund.com.


10. Ungplugged Weddings
And then there are those who love to buck the trend by doing the exact opposite. In the case, by opposite we mean "unplugged weddings." Couples want their guests to be fully present in the moment, which is why they're asking that all phones and cameras be turned off at the wedding and reception while the photographer and videographer capture the special moments. Amen to that!

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