Dating Ideas for Couples New and Old


Ideas for couples that want to kick up the romance while out on the town.

Although her love affair with writing is as fiery as ever, Heather Freeman knows that relationships can be difficult at times. So, when she isn’t lost between the lines of her notebook, or spending time with her husband, she's providing senior dating advice to others.

Dating ideas are aplenty these days, but it’s difficult choosing one that hasn’t been completely overdone. Whether you’re a few dates in, or it’s your 20 year anniversary, finding that perfect romantic activity can prove to be problematic. Fortunately, there are still countless options for those lovesick Romeos and Juliets out there looking to impress a significant other. 

Dinner Around Town
Sometimes the way into someone’s heart is by revamping something they know and love. For many couples new and old out there, hitting the town for dinner and drinks is the perfect way to spend an evening. After dating for a while though, the routine can get a little stale. If you’re feeling adventurous, try grabbing cocktails at one place, appetizers at another and dinner somewhere else. Why sit at the same, tired, old spot when you can hit all of your favorites in one epic night? It may require a little more running around, but it will definitely garner some swoon points.  
• Revamping an old idea is a great way into someone’s heart.
• Get drinks somewhere, appetizers at another place and dinner somewhere else.
• It may require some more effort but will lead to some swoon points.

Random Band
Can’t think of something to do? Pick up a newspaper, close your eyes, run your finger down the page and whatever you stop on is what you’re doing that night! Make sure it’s a band that neither of you have heard of to get the most out of the experience. This could either be the best night of your life, or the absolute worst, but that’s the point. If the two of you end up loving the group then more power to you, but if it turns out to be horrible, then you at least have a funny story to tell the kids someday.
• Pick up a newspaper, close your eyes, point at something and that’s what you’re doing.
• Understand that this could be the best, or worst, night of your dating life.
• Either way, you will have a story to tell and some laughs to share.

Movie Night
Cuddling up with your beau and watching a movie is a splendid way to spend a Friday or Saturday night. But, if you have run out of things to watch, try renting one of your favorites, watch it on mute and make up your own dialogue. Even if you’re not much of a comedian, this will certainly have you both laughing out loud. Not only does it combine the comfort of watching a movie together, it also gives you both a chance to be a little creative and put an edgy spin on something you have done many, many times throughout your dating life.
• Rent one of your favorite movies, put it on mute and make up your own dialogue.
• Even if you’re not a comedian this will get you both laughing.
• Being a little creative can spice up your dating life.