Celebrity Sex: The Most Laid Stars In Hollywood!


Celebrity Sex: The Most Laid Celebrities In Hollywood!
Sex rut? These 11 celebrities never heard of such a thing!

Dry spells are the worst! But it's not like Hollywood A-listers know that pain. Most of them are just one quick trip to the bar away from celebrity sex. For us normal folk, getting laid just ain't always that easy.

Did you know some celebrities have claimed that their numbers are in the thousands? As in, more than 1,000 sexual partners. Some have had 2,000. And some even suggest 5,000. Sure, these days, it's not uncommon to have had multiple horizontal tango dancing partners. But, who has the time to bed 5,000 people? Maybe threesomes help those high numbers add up?

We're not sure. But we do know that when these celebs aren't working, they are busy with another job. (Wink, wink.) So which Hollywood stars do we guess get lucky the most? VIEW THE GALLERY: MOST LAID CELEBRITIES IN HOLLYWOOD

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