Why Women Are Experiencing Orgasms During Birth

orgasm birth

Could your birthing experience provide you with the big O?

Giving birth has been described as one of the worst pains that a female will endure, but there are actually some women have reported having such pleasurable births that they experience something similar to an orgasm — some even reported climaxing.

A French study surveyed 106 midwives about births they assisted in and they reported that 668 women experienced "orgasmic sensations" while 868 women had "signs of pleasure".

The reason behind these kind of labor joys? Barry Komisaruk a professor of psychology at Rutgers University explained "There's no reason to try to generalize. Different people have different pain thresholds. Different people have different attitudes. If a woman has a fear of sexuality, if she starts having a pleasurable sensation she may feel this is completely inappropriate psychologically, and that itself could be an aversive effect."

So what are the chances that you will have an orgasmic birth?

Find out at WetPaint Moms: Can Women Really Orgasm While Giving Birth?

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