Confessions Of A Cougar: Why I'll Only Date Men Half My Age


older women, younger man, cougar
Younger men who fawn over me add years to my life — and isn't that what we're all searching for?

Do I dare answer? The truth is, just knowing that they're interested is a greater thrill for me than the act itself. 

This is not a new game. Young men have loved older women since the beginning of time, and women have adored the attention for just as long. Unlike our younger counterparts, experienced women are not attached to a future. There is no plan, no scheme, no agenda that might push a man away. No one's putting a ring on it, and the biological clock isn't ticking. In short, there's no desperation. The sensual 'cougar' is a magnet for youthful male attention because she doesn't want anything from him but his beauty, which is a huge ego trip for him and something he can deliver without much pressure.

For a young man, the older woman is the ultimate fantasy: she's so out of his league, and while it intimidates him, it's also incredibly erotic. Even though he senses that she is enthralled with the power he brings, the young man who craves the sexual attention of an older woman is brave, because she really does know more than him.

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To know that in my fifties, I can still make a 23-year-old man tremble with a desire to please me ... well, that sure does make me smile. Healthy lust is life-affirming and human sexual connection can be magical. Even the briefest of encounters can add years to our lives — and isn't that what we're all searching for?