New Love? Alexander Skarsgard Kisses Ellen Page: See The Photo!


Could this be confirmation of an Ellen Page/Alexander Skarsgard romance?

Relationship rumors have been swirling about these co-stars and possible couple, and now a telling new pic of the maybe-lovebirds is making the rounds. The actors were in San Francisco doing press for their film The East over the weekend, and the film's director Zal Batmanglij tweeted an adorable pic of Skarsgard planting a smooch on Page's forehead.

Ellen and Alexander's relationship has been a topic ever since the two were spotted at a Stanley Cup Playoffs Game in June of 2012. This recent PDA display begs the question—did Ellen Page nab the sexiest vampire in all the land? SEE THE PICTURE: Well, This Is Happening: Alexander Skarsgard Kisses Ellen Page In New Photo

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