Is He Emotionally Distant? Here's How To Get Him To Chase You


Is He Emotionally Distant? Here's How To Get Him To Chase You
Some ladies are too busy chasing men and they often end up broken-hearted or worse...
  1. The more you are attracted to a guy, the more you must have other options to tame the gremlins in your head. In other words, as long as he hasn't claimed you, date around. Spread your psychic energy and don't close off yourself from being available to other guys. Limited options and especially Oneitis too early in the game, will only make you want to cling more and that is not what a high-value woman behaves.
  2. Find yourself a source of emotional satisfaction other than guys or relationship. In other words use up that excessive masculine energy in you to accomplish things that boost your self-esteem instead of chasing him. Be excited about the other aspects of your life, NOT ONLY when he's in it. Get a hobby, a meaningful project or improve your financial life that will make you so focused on wholesome activities that not only are going to take your mind off him but also give you the financial independence and retirement plan. I'm so consumed with the work I am doing myself (this program gets me to where I am financially), there virtually is no time for me to worry about anything!
  3. Meditate and learn to be mindful and in the moment by selecting your thoughts and not dwelling on thoughts that bring you to the past, or the future, or the fantasy, daydreaming and wishful thinking about him. Self-hynosis really helps too.  I used to do it each time I was feeling small and shaky. The more grounded you are in the present, the more calm and secure you will feel and the more magnetizing you are to any man.  And this Journey Inward group coaching that I hold will also help you raise your vibrations so you can keep your anxiety in check and become a high-value woman that men seek for commitment.

Should I Play Hard To Get? And If So, How?

Playing hard to get is not what you think it is. There are ways to do it the correct way that will increase your value in his eyes. Click here to learn more. And if you want to become a man magnet and unravel the secret to attraction in the male mind that I have uncovered, get on this program today. This is the one small investment you will cherish forever because your life will never be the same again.


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