Is He Emotionally Distant? Here's How To Get Him To Chase You


Is He Emotionally Distant? Here's How To Get Him To Chase You
Some ladies are too busy chasing men and they often end up broken-hearted or worse...

The first instinct for human beings—men or women, is not to work for anything they want in life but we all have first hand experience how much we value things we have to work for. When we invest and have a stake in something, we are emotionally more involved in its rise and downfall. So it's a "romanceticide" to make yourself too readily available to a guy because it decreases your value in his eyes. Keep Reading...

Let him have a stake in you by "playing hard to get." Only give and do as much as he does. Don't get ahead of him for your own protection.


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Three Ways To Stop Obsessing About A Guy: Believe me I know how it feels when you are hooked on a man. We become so unsteady and in need of constant reassurances to make sure that he still feels the same way he did three days ago, when we just spent a fabulous weekend together. Yes especially after a period of intimacy, we are bathed in oxytocin that makes us feel bonded to him.

This is how a man and a woman differ. After a period of intimacy most guys need to "regroup" and reclaim their independence and autonomy. They loved the closeness hence they were showering us with affection but when it became too much they would need to go back to their caves to restore their testosterone level so they can solve problems, focus on and accomplish their life goals again.

However for us, we become so vulnerable and we want more of it! We keep replaying what he did or say a few days ago and we want more of them. We start wondering if he's feeling the same way we are now, if he's thinking about us, what he's doing and with whom, when he's going to call us again and ask us out again, or take us out on another weekend getaway/trip.

On and on and on...we just can't shut up and shut down those gremlins in our head. (Sign up for my Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop to learn more)

And you know sooner or later you're going to have to act on the thoughts that persist the most. What you focus on expands. If we focus on our longing, we will feel more and more love-struck and like a druggist, you will need your next fix and you want it now! That's how you start the path of a destructive emotional tailspin that becomes a vicious cycle of you chasing and him pulling away until he's no longer available to entertain your sick obsession. Keep Reading...

So, if you want to let everything unfold organically and naturally in the way that benefits you, follow these rules:


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