Is He Emotionally Distant? Here's How To Get Him To Chase You


Is He Emotionally Distant? Here's How To Get Him To Chase You
Some ladies are too busy chasing men and they often end up broken-hearted or worse...

So if you find yourself chasing guys after guys, the likelihood is you are not as ready for a relationship as you believe you are and you have passed many decent guys who will be great partners to you but whose only sins are that they are too easy for you. They are not a challenge to you, thus they don't activate that sense of uncertainty in your brain that tells you, "I'm in love!" 

Often this is still salvable, erase those mistakes by doing all the right things. Be expensive. Be a feminine goddess that men win as their prize.



Many Women Mess the Courtship by Getting Anxious, Impatient, Needy, Clingy and Controlling: His eagerness, or OVER-eagerness to be precise, to establish constant communication be it in the forms of texting, calling (especially calling), facebooking (liking his comments, pictures, status updates, commenting on his status updates, pictures, private-messaging him and writing on his wall left and right), emailing or any means of initiating contact in any way, shape or form is a romance killer.

It interrupts in the process of him pursuing, investing and working for your love and affection. He might like your attention and easiness for a millisecond before he starts seeing that he doesn't need to do anything to gain your approval. You'll be there for him willy-nilly.

You are disrupting the courting process because now you are no longer behind him and let him lead but you are ahead of him. He doesn't only lose the motivation and incentives to do anything to win your heart, he loses the attraction too. And it sucks for you too because now you are over-investing in a guy who is fading.

And the vicious cycle continues. (Hence, most "emotionally unavailable men" aren't really emotionally unavailable, you most probably make them so!)

You chase him some more, he's vanishing and vanishing, until one day he just disappears into thin air (don't despair if he has disappeared, you can still get him back).

Most guys don't realize this themselves. That's why when you ask them, they always say they like women who initiate. Of course they do! It makes everything easy and less complicated for them and it's flattering to the ego but whether this spark intense animal attraction in them on the primal level is a totally different issue.

Don't fall for this.

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