Post Divorce – One Mans Online Dating Experience


Post Divorce – One Mans Online Dating Experience

Meeting people using the web has clearly come to be hugely popular in recent times. There are many pros and cons to "online dating" simply as indeed there is to meeting people off-line.

In my opinion "playing games" in a romantic relationship is no fun, meeting ladies and dating is comparable to a game. It presents several stages and circumstances in which even when things are going completely perfect, one tiny factor can result in the date or prospective relationship to turning sour quickly.


I wish to share my personal "online dating" experience, just what I discovered to be the pros and cons, and the site I found more successes with.

I will mention that I have enjoyed success with online and off-line dating and do suggest utilizing online dating as a component of your strategy.

My Initial Experience of Online Dating

Immediately following my divorce proceedings I went in a downward spiral for some months. After approx 9 months I made the decision it was time to begin moving forward.

So, I asked friends about the best online dating sites out there. I had a buddy who had results with eHarmony. Unfortunately they were a little too expensive and I was told that if you are searching for your next wife it was an amazing site - I wasn't ready to go that far just yet.

So, I asked about which appeared to be a very good site for a variety of folks that were looking for people, to date, have a great time, and had a very good online dating experience.

Considering that I was not ready to get married again I believed this could be a brilliant opportunity to try out online dating, develop my self-confidence by progressively getting back out-there, and maybe meet a few ladies.

Step One

I had a free account for some time however that was very restricted. You could see people and "wink" although when it came to interacting with somebody or viewing who really was following you the free version didn't cut-it.

Time to pay for a subscription and move my Online Dating Experience to the next level.

The paid version permitted much more, like the capability to view who's looking at your profile, just who is emailing you and permitting you to email, and giving you much more free reign to link with individuals.

Initially I did not have a great deal of successes however I was also a little bit reluctant to simply begin broadcasting emails. I might mark some women as my favourites, which they could easily view, although wouldn't follow it any further.

The sweet part with regards to all of this is the fact that through the first couple of weeks of my online dating experience some old school friends of mine sprang up in my daily-matches. So I emailed these girls saying hey plus find the inside information on how the fellas are when firsts approaching the girls.

The feedback was amazing to put it mildly. I was told that many of the lads had been complete idiots or you could easily tell when they were using an email script and if the men reached a real date, most were horrifying.