6 Ways To Introduce Sexual Taboos Into The Bedroom


kinky sex
Don't sweat it! These 6 tips will help you bring sexual taboos into the bedroom.

5. Choose a safe word.
If you're still a bit nervous, choose a "safe word" together, which you or your partner can use to mean it's time to stop. It should be a word that neither of you would ever actually say during sex. Perhaps "red light." Or they the ladies' suggested phrase, "Crack is wack."

6. Don't judge.
What if your partner brings up a sexual taboo with you? "Don't judge, don't laugh, and don't hide under the table in fear!" Em & Lo advise. "Remember, there's more than one way to fulfill a fantasy. If you don't like the sound of the fantasy your partner suggests, then instead of shutting him or her down completely, suggest an alternative that would work for you."
Finally, remember that sex should take you out of your comfort zone. Do you really want to be doing it in the same position for the next several decades? Trying new things activates hidden pleasure centers in our brains we wouldn't otherwise tap into. And, believe it or not — even though it may be uncomfortable at first — exploring taboos together is a great way to bring you closer together as a couple.

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