Protective Fashion: The Rise Of Anti-Rape Clothing


A look at the growing trend of protective fashion.

Remember the anti-rape bra, complete with electrical shocks and police alerts, that three engineering students in India designed after gang rapes in Delhi last year? It's not the only form of wearable protection out there for women right now.

Our friends at The Daily Beast take a look at the growing trend of accessories and clothing designed to protect women from rape, from an anti-molestation jacket that sends out 110 volts when it detects an attack to modern day chasity belts, and what women used to protect theselves in the past.

"Though the effectiveness of defensive female fashion, even when it is used, may never be quantified, there is a danger that this genre of clothing directly contradicts the feminist adage that rape has nothing to do with what women wear," Soraya Roberts writes.

What do you think about protective fashion? Necesscary or are there better solutions?

Read more at The Daily Beast: From the Anti-Rape Bra to Chastity Belts: How Women Use Clothing for Protection

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