Ways to Know that You are Dating a Financial Catastrophe


Ways to Know that You are Dating a Financial Catastrophe
  • He Does Not Have a Clear Personal Budget

Have you ever asked your boyfriend about his personal budget? Do you have an idea if he actually has one? If you are on a relationship for too long and are planning to get married soon, it is high time that you ask your boyfriend about his personal budget. This way, you will get to know how he plans his finances and whether he keeps some money for his personal savings or not. If he does not have a personal budget, you do not have to panic immediately. Perhaps, he knows how to handle his money but he just does not have a clear-cut personal budget or let alone does not know how to prepare one. If he is willing enough to learn how to prepare a personal budget and stick to it so that he can have enough money to save without having deprive himself of the good things, then that man can be a keeper. However, if he recoils at the sight of a budget plan, then you should consider finding a new man who is responsible with his money.

  • He Spends Way beyond His Monthly Income

If your boyfriend is a big spender and excessively spends way too much without any regard to his monthly income, then you need to sit down and talk to him about it if you plan to get married in the next two years. Unless you want to be a wife of a man who lives beyond his ability to support himself, you need to talk to him about his financial goals and the concept of saving. Living a lifestyle that he cannot afford is bad for your future as a couple. Even when he has a stable job, he still has to learn how to budget his money so that he will stop living from paycheck to paycheck and avoid accumulating a huge credit card debt in the future.

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