Ways to Know that You are Dating a Financial Catastrophe


Ways to Know that You are Dating a Financial Catastrophe

Finding the One is already a daunting task with the number of men out there pretending to be the perfect gentleman. When finding the right guy for you, one thing that is important for you to consider is his financial goals. Although this has the risk of making you look like you are only after his money, knowing if your partner-to-be has a clear and meticulously planned financial goals is crucial for you to determine if he is someone you can consider as your lifelong partner. Admit it or not, money and the way a person handles his or her finances play a vital role in every relationship. If you are truly in love with each other, the person you will want to marry must be capable enough to financially provide for you and your would-be family during the good times and the bad times.

  • Why Financial Security Matters

Sometimes, it is not enough that the guy you are dating is hot, kind, and loves reading books. He must also be financially stable and should give you the security that you need before you settle down and start your own family. This is where living in together first before marriage sometimes becomes beneficial for couples because it allows them to get to know their partners better and how they handle the stressful situations that can challenge them financially. Before you tie up the knot, it is necessary that you take a serious look at how your partner handles his financial goals and commitments. Yes, you have a wonderful job and will not give it up even when you are married and have a baby, but will it be enough to tide you over the dark times?
Here are several ways to determine if you are in the risk of marrying someone who is actually a financial disaster.

  • He is Always Out of Work

If he is an artist, then that is stereotypical. Artists need to eat too, hence, it is no longer acceptable even in the creative industry to see people who want to become the struggling artist type. However, if he is not an artist yet he is often out of a job, then something nasty is up. If your partner is always jobless and blames the people he works with or the high rate of unemployment in the country, then there is seriously something wrong with his work ethics. If he is the type of guy who would rather lounge around the house than work his tiny ass off to work, then he is clearly not the man who is capable of raising a family.