You're Keeping Him Healthy! 7 Shocking Benefits Of Sex For Men


couple in bed
See how you've been saving your guy's life.

6. Keeps Him Fit
Trying to whip him into shape? Look no further than the bedroom. In addition to strengthening his stomach, back and pelvic floor, a 30-minute romp torches about 200 calories. If we're talking a more intense, hour-long session for a 190-lb man, that burns about 413 calories. Talk about a total body workout.

7. Helps Him Live Longer
Research has shown having regular sex makes you look more youthful — possibly even 10 years younger — but it turns out, it's more than just an illusion. Sex can actually slow the aging process. A study from the British Medical Journal found that men who had the highest frequency of orgasms had a death rate 50% lower than those who did not ejaculate frequently. Goodbye, wrinkles.