Rob Lowe Or Sean Lowe: Who Said These Love Quotes?


Love Quotes! Rob Lowe Or Sean Lowe: Who Said It?
Let's play a guessing game with the two sexiest Lowes we know!

In this game, we have 11 quotes spoken by these two handsome lads—Rob Lowe and Sean Lowe. It's your job to guess which Lowe said it before clicking through the gallery, where the answers are revealed.

Both Lowes are madly in love—Rob Lowe with his wife of 22 years, makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff, and Sean Lowe with his Bachelor bride-to-be, Catherine Giudici. So naturally, all the quotes we have are related to their relationships. Be prepared for the Awws!

So, let's get this game started. Guess which Mr. Lowe said this about his dating requirements? "The girl I'm dating must be into dogs." VIEW THE GALLERY: ROB LOWE OR SEAN LOWE: WHO SAID IT?

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