'The Bachelorette' Week 2 Recap: All The Right Reasons


Love & TV: 'The Bachelorette' Week 2 Recap: All The Right Reasons
Hormones run wild among the men.

Night two began with Chris announcing the week's dates to a room full of surprisingly attractive men. Distant memories of dudes in suits of armor and total creepsters may have clouded many viewers' minds about Des' pickings, but she definitely has some potential winners in the mix.


Date one:

The first date went to Brooks, who up until now only stood out for having the best head of hair in the bunch. The pair began the day at a bridal salon trying on dresses and suits (hey, that date turned into love and marriage for Ashley and JP!), and then proceeded to hike up to the Hollywood sign—still wearing their wedding attire—where they sat on the 'L' and enjoyed the view.

Next, the couple enjoyed dinner on a closed bridge, along with a private concert by crooner Andy Grammer. It was a solid first date, and Brooks scored the first kiss of the season. We'll see if he can avoid the franchise's 'first date curse.'

Group date:

ABC (I mean Des) solicited the help of rapper Soulja Boy, and Des and the guys filmed a rap video called "All the Right Reasons," roasting previous contestants such as Rated R from Ali's season and Jason Mesnik. Ben (Brody's dad) wins the rose, and begins rubbing some of the guys the wrong way.

Zak W., also known as 'Shirtless Guy,' wore a shirt(!) throughout the episode, and showed another side of himself by gifting Des with an antique journal that he hopes she can write in about their relationship.

Date two:

G.I. Bryden gets the next one-on-one—and Des whisks him off on a road trip along the California coast. They pair have a great time "acting like kids," and Des is touched when Bryden shares pictures of his near-fatal car accident. Things begin to get romantic in a hot tub, and when Bryden proves to be a little too shy, Des grabs him and declares, 'Kiss me, already!' It's a super cute moment, but we wonder if Des needs someone a little more assertive. Time will tell.

Before the rose ceremony, things get heated between Ben and the guys, particularly Michael and Mikey. (Maybe it's the name?) There's a lot of discussion of whether he's there for the right reasons (there's that phrase again!), and we can't help but wonder if we have another Tierra/Courtney on our hands.

And, oh my, the teaser for next week includes an ambulance and a girlfriend. Dun. Dun. Dun. VIEW THE GALLERY: 'The Bachelorette' Season 9

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