Exclusive! Snooki Tells Us About Her Wedding & The Dress!


Exclusive! Snooki Gives Details About Her Wedding & The Dress!
Maturing from housemate to hot momma, Snooki plans to put her bridesmaids in leopard dresses.

YourTango: How old were you when you lost your virginity? What do you remember most about the experience?
I was 14. I mean, in upstate New York there's really nothing to do up there but experiment. He was a senior, and I thought he liked me but turned out he was just a jerk. So, it was terrible.

YourTango: What do you think about Amanda Bynes and her recent bizarre tweets?
She's just going wild, doing her thing, I guess. Everyone writes crazy things on their Twitter about her. She's definitely interesting to follow, and I do follow her, of course. If she is in trouble and needs help, I hope she gets it, but if she's not, then who am I to criticize her?

Want more Snooki? See her at a Team Snooki music event on Friday, June 7th at Passions at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL.