Celebrity Sex & Music: Stars Who've Been Bashed On Hit Songs


Celebrity Sex & Music: Stars Who've Been Bashed On Hit Songs
It's a case of revenge on the radio!

Many artists pull inspiration from their personal life to write relatable (and hit) songs. And we certainly thank them for that. I mean, who doesn't enjoy the little bit of dramatic insight into celebrity breakups?

Most recently, Selena Gomez hinted that her song "Love Will Remember" (off her upcoming album Stars Dance) might be about her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber. "Obviously, 'Love Will Remember' is a personal song to me and I don't really need to say anything," she explains. "I think my fans will get it. I think people will figure it out themselves."

While this might be a more tender approach to writing about the end of a first love, many other artists have taken a more, well, angry approach to writing about heartbreak. And when that heartbreak is caused by another celebrity, well, we can read between the lyrics. VIEW THE GALLERY: CELEBS WHO HAVE GOTTEN BASHED ON HIT SONGS

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