5 Steps To The Sexiest Bedroom Ever

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sexy bedroom
Bring sexy back — into your bedroom — with Feng Shui principles.

4. Make it sound sexy.

Obviously, the sound of soft and sultry music in the bedroom is a no-brainer for stimulating sensual, erotic emotions. But don't overlook some of the old-time, surefire seductors like classical Debussy and PacoBell's Canon, easy listening, ethereal Ambient, Atmospheres or other New Age music, the smooth jazz trumpet of Chris Botti, and other 70's classics like Boz Scaggs, Earth, Wind & Fire and the scorching saxophone of Argentinian Gato Barbieri. Gently trickling water fountains and tinkling chimes encourage serenity, relaxation and love. Instead of a jarring alarm clock that shocks the two of you awake, try the soft, gentleness of a Zen alarm clock, with gradually increasing chimes and gongs that ease you out of slumber. — Nancy Lee Bentley


Music is an important component that can send you to a place where your cares are gone and your partner is your prime focus. Soft background music or even a favorite album that you remember playing at the beginning of your relationship is all that it takes. Remember, music to your partner’s ears can also be your own voice saying "I love you." — Sharon Rivkin

5. Make it taste sexy.

Finally, there's taste. It doesn’t always mean eating, but flavored lubricants can add a delicious dimension to your evening. Keeping a glass pitcher of clean, cool water handy, close to the bed, encourages you and your partner to stay hydrated, before and after. And a sloping bowl of fresh, sexy 'A' foods: apples, apricots, almonds, avocados, even a bowl of artichoke spinach dip with pita chips  all aphrodisiacs  on an ottoman or  table adjacent to a comfortable chair, could become one of the most spontaneously intimate, healthy meals you'll share together. Oops, almost forgot:  Try nesting velvety rich, dark chocolate truffles on a footed pedestal under a glass dome. Instant ecstasy, with or without the sex— Nancy Lee Bentley

Known by the Greeks as the "food of the Gods," one of the top natural aphrodisiacs for men and women is dark chocolate. It contains two key ingredients that increase desire and heighten sexual arousal. You don’t even have to worry about the calories because all of the activity under the sheets will burn those instantly! If you don’t like chocolate, find something that appeals to the both of you. Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter what you eat; it can be the act of feeding each other that can be sexy and exciting. — Sharon Rivkin

What's your best tip for a sexy bedroom?



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