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How Are People Coping with the Pressures Aging? [Infographic]


How Are People Coping with the Pressures Aging? [Infographic]
How women and men truly feel about their changing looks.

Cosmetic surgery is not just for celebrities who want to reverse time to recapture their youthful looks anymore. These days, confidence-boosting surgical procedures have become the weapon of choice of many Americans against wrinkles, sagging breasts or loose jowls, in an attempt to meet the pro-youth beauty standards of our culture.

Although both sexes view aging as a major concern and experience body image dissatisfaction, women are the most affected group by the mass media’s standard of beauty. A recent infographic put together by CouponCabin, with data from Allure.com, PlasticSurgery.org and BuildMyBod.com, illustrates America’s perception of aging and how people handle the prevailing social pressures.

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Almost 60% of female respondents and 34% of men were worried about their fading looks and more than half admitted they’d consider botox injections and plastic surgery to minimize aging signs. On the bright side, a similar number of people from both sexes (57%) declared that sex was getting better with age.

Here’s the complete look at the infographic CouponCabin put together: http://www.couponcabin.com/blog/infographic-forever-young-how-americans-...

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