Pucker Up! These Are The 5 Best Lipsticks For Kissing


woman with lipstick
Headed the beach? The bars? Grab one of these lipsticks and get ready for summer love.

4. MAC Temperature Rising Lipstick and Lipglass, $16.50 each
From a ‘Feel My Pulse’ magenta-violet to a red hot 'Caliente,' these electrifying lipstick shades can be paired with MAC’s complementary lipglasses for extra shine. Or wear the tinted glosses alone for a subtle yet sexy kiss-me-now pout.

5. Dior Jelly Lip Pen, $26
In richly saturated hues, these lip shades have a vibrant and exotic appeal, while still appearing more low-key than high maintenance. The jumbo pencil sharpens with a simple twist and is perfect for easy, smooth, on-the-go application. Fit it in the back pockets of your jean shorts for anytime use.