Should We Be Worried About Ben and Jen’s Marriage?


Should We Be Worried About Ben and Jen’s Marriage?
An analysis of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's relationship based on non-verbal cues

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Jen returns the affection but putting her right hand on Ben’s chest, which is also a very loving gesture that reveals an intimate relationship. Her left hand goes to Ben’s lower back as well. Throughout all of these hand movements, they are maintaining eye contact and smiling very proudly and sincerely at each other.


The most important non-verbal cue of all occurs when you see Jen almost fall. This misstep happens because she is so secure with Ben that she puts all her weight on him. Once Ben moves, she has to regain her balance because she was using Ben as her pillar, something that only happens when you truly trust and love someone. 

When they say goodbye to each other (about 4:00), the SNL host pulls his wife closer and whispers something along the lines of “I love you very much” in her ear. We see Jen’s eyes roll towards Ben to give him her full attention. She then shows a real smile and says “I love you too” before she walks off stage.

So the only thing between Jen and Ben is love and lust. Yes, there is work involved in maintaining a long-term relationship or a healthy marriage, but it’s similar work to a stay-at-home mother or father. It’s hard work, but it’s work we put in to make something special last.

Jared Sais is co-author of the website The Non-Verbal Game, where you can find free downloadable content. He is an expert in non-verbal communication, who specializes in body language, micro-expressions and lie deception as they relate to life and love.

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