Should We Be Worried About Ben and Jen’s Marriage?


Should We Be Worried About Ben and Jen’s Marriage?
An analysis of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's relationship based on non-verbal cues

By Jared Sais of

It all started during the Oscars when Ben Affleck stated his marriage to Jennifer Garner was “work.” He recently hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) and addressed his choice of words in his monologue. So after analyzing both speeches, there’s something you all must know. There is no better place to start than by looking at the couple’s non-verbal cues at the Oscars.


Jen appeared to be genuinely touched and demonstrated loving support for her husband. Before he even spoke, the actress was already showing signs of joyful tears, the same emotion you would see at a wedding. These feelings get even stronger when Ben starts to speak about her.

First, her inner eyebrows are raised, indicating that she was very emotional. When her inner eyebrows are raised, you also see wrinkling on her forehead. This cue is just a side effect of her raised inner eyebrows, but it helps to indicate that she’s truly feeling this emotion since deep wrinkles are hard to fake. Finally, she shows the trifecta of strong emotional feelings as her chin dimples and bulges.

You may think these three non-verbal cues indicate sadness, but don’t be fooled! Jen was extremely happy and proud of Ben. In addition to the cues above, she showed the following cues of joyfulness: smiling with the addition of dimples and crow’s feet (wrinkling at the corner of her eyes). Crow’s feet is a powerful cue used to identify a sincere smile versus a fake smile, which only happens near the mouth. A true smile includes the mouth, cheeks and eyes – everything that Jen was showing.

Of course, we all want to know what Jen was thinking when Ben started talking about their relationship being “work.” She showed three notable non-verbal cues. First, she titled her head to the side, which indicated that she was wondering a bit about where Ben was going with his speech. She was surprised but not offended by what he said.

She also sat up straight and slightly tilted her chin upwards, indicating that she was curious about what Ben was saying and perhaps getting a bit uncomfortable. You may have thought the Oscar winner was digging himself in a hole with his comments, but his wife didn’t show any signs of anger. Instead, she appeared to just be pondering what he said.

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