Your Partner Has Cheated. Should You Reconcile?


Your Partner Has Cheated. Should You Reconcile?
Advice for what to do when your partner has cheated on you. Should you reconcile?

3. Do you still love each other?

How did your spouse react to being caught? Did they express remorse and shame, or were they trying to justify their actions by putting the blame on you? A partner who shows regret for their actions is a better candidate for reconciliation than the latter. While their profession of love for you and endless apologies could be just words, it shows they are willing to try and do whatever it takes to get you back. It’s imperative for you to consider your partners past behaviors in your relationship as well. Have they always shown their love for you or have there been signs of cheating before? More importantly do you love your partner enough to try and work it out? The answer to these questions will help you figure out whether you choose the path of reconciliation or separation.


4. Will you be able to forgive and move on?

For many people cheating is a deal breaker. No amount of love, good behavior or money will allow them to get past the fact that they were betrayed. Many couples try to stay together and work through their problems only to find out that trust was never regained and forgiveness was never given. Before you consider reconciling, sit and think about whether you can get past the infidelity. If not, it may be time to part ways.

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Countless other questions should be considered when deciding upon reconciliation. Each relationship has different factors to reflect upon after dealing with infidelity. Forgiveness and resolution take a lot of effort, time and healing for both parties involved. While many couples have split due to cheating, many have resolved their issues forming an unbreakable bond.

Have you ever found yourself in this predicament? Let us know how you resolved it below.

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