Celebrity Sex Video: Couples We Wish Would Make Sex Tapes


Celebrity Sex Video: Couples We Wish Would Make Sex Videos
Our wish list for the stars of the next huge celebrity sex tape.

Kim Kardashian. Pam Anderson. Paris Hilton. Been there, done that. They've all had sex videos that have been viewed by millions and made them millions.

Releasing a sex tape is really not the worst business plan to follow. Just ask Farrah Abraham—she’s certainly reaping the cash benefits.

So we got to thinking, which Hollywood couples do we wish would make a sex tape? At the top of our list is one power couple, who would skyrocket the bidding wars to astronomical heights for one such tape.

Then, there are a few former couples who had such strong chemistry together, that if they made a sex video, we think the passion would nearly penetrate the viewer! Pun intended.

So which Hollywood couples made our celebrity sex tape wish list? VIEW THE GALLERY: CELEBRITY SEX VIDEOS: COUPLES WE WISH COULD MAKE A SEX TAPE

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