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10 Hilariously Awkward Types Of 'Third Wheels'


third wheel
Seventh wheel at a wedding ... that's gotta hurt.
Ever feel like the odd man out? These awkward third wheels have it SO much worse than you.

5. Ambiguious Wheel
With the best of friends around, it's not always clear who the third wheel is. Is it the girl on the left? The guy in the middle? ... Is it you? Wheels can be open for debate.


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6. Emo Wheel
Too defeated to walk away from the lovebirds. You'd rather sulk and use the hashtag #foreveralone until the madness stops.


7. Centerstage Wheel
Opposite of the Emo Wheel, you steal the show with your radiant smile or I'm-happy-I'm-single pose.


8. I Hate You Guys Wheel
Can someone say "love triangle"? You're the furious third wheel who can't stop staring with envious eyes. Occurs in all species.

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