5 Shocking Ways Stress Can Ruin Your Love Life


Your libido, your appearance and more things that take a hit when you're feeling overwhelmed.

4. Your Sex Drive
One way to kill your ability to get in the mood? Stress. Family, financial, you name it — your anxiety can unfortunately follow you right into the bedroom. We know sex can be form of stress relief but your everyday woes also prevent you from getting it on. When cortisol is being produced for an extended period of time, it actually hinders your sex hormones.

5. Your Ability To Have A Baby
Being frazzled is not only messing with your libido, it can actually can suppress fertility. According to a study conducted by the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology in Prague, cortisol can prevent you from ovulating — making you unable to conceive. According to researcher Markus Rantala, a professor of biology at the University of Turku in Finland, the drive to reproduce may mean men and women have evolved to prefer less-stressed partners. Who's most at risk? Women with hectic jobs because they're most denial about the stress in their lives.

Luckily, stress is manageable. There are plenty of stress-busters out there, even ones couples or friends can do together, from exercise to laughter. Find what method or activity works for you so it doesn't interfere with your happiness.

For assitance, find a YourTango expert who can help you reduce stress.

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