A-List Links: Which Model Shot Down Leonardo DiCaprio?

Celebrity Sex: Which Model Shot Down Leonardo DiCaprio's Advances

Plus, see Kim's over-the-top baby shower invite.

Is Leo losing his game? The Great Gatsby actor's sex appeal and charm failed to woo this model: (TheBlemish)

Are Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry just friends? (GossipGirl)

With a couple of months until her due date, Kate Middleton's baby bump is finally on full display! (Wetpaint)

Which Bachelorette star reveals her past struggles with alcohol? (ETOnline)

Aziz Ansari shares hilarious dating and texting stories with Jimmy Fallon: (Crushable)

See Kim Kardashian's super extravagant baby shower invite. Would you expect anything less? And does this mean it's a girl?! (HaveUHeard)

January Jones: Why she won't reveal her baby daddy's identity. (AllieIsWired)

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