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'Gossip Girl's' Eric Daman Talks Serena & Blair's Wedding Dresses
Eric Daman has styled both 'Gossip Girl' and 'The Carrie Diaries.' Now he's got advice for you!

YourTango: The 80s are all about color, and obviously you work on The Carrie Diaries. What's the secret to styling Carrie for the 80s? 
Eric Daman: The secret is finding a fine line between 80s kids and contemporary, because we are trying to do this thing that's called aspirational authenticity—[it] has a modern feel to it, so the kids at home can see it and be like, 'I love what Carrie's wearing. She doesn't look like she's going to, you know, an 80s themed prom night out.' And I think trying to keep it not so costume-y, not make it such a period piece, but still staying true to the shapes and colors and just kind of finding a modern twist to it

YourTango: For either show, was there ever a last minute change that you felt really proud of?
Eric Daman:
Actually, the finale dress for Leighton was the blue Elie Saab dress. We actually had another dress picked out, and we thought it was the perfect dress, and then all of a sudden, the Elie Saab came in from Paris three days before the episode filmed. I was like, 'I have to switch this dress out. This is the dress that I think is perfect for her,' and everyone loved it and just thought it was a great fashion moment. It was perfect for who Blair's character was for her second wedding. It was one of those flop outs that really worked out well.