16 Bachelorette Party Traditions That Need To Be Retired


Who really wants a stranger eating candy off them anyway?

Bachelorette parties, and weddings in general, are filled with traditions. But, just like we're starting to adopt new engagement and wedding trends, why not throw some new bachelorette party trends into the mix?

Think about it: Glamping bug bites, awkward male strippers and the scrapbooking no one wants to do? Some are too cheesy and some just aren't that enjoyable. We're thinking it might be time for a bachelorette party makeover.

Our friends at TruTV rounded up some of the most ridiculous bachelorette party trends you never realized were so silly.

See the list at TruTV: Dumbest Bachelorette Party Traditions

What bachelorette party traditions are you done with?

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