Celebrity Sex Secrets: How These Couples Keep It Hot!


Celebrity Sex Secrets: How These Couples Keep It Hot!
These long-term couples keep things sexy and so can you!

Ruts, schmuts. Who says you can't keep the passion alive in and out of the bedroom for 5, 10, or 15+ years? Certainly not these Hollywood couples, who have managed to escape the relationship curse in Tinsletown.

Some couples have chosen a committed relationship over marriage, but that doesn't mean these celebrities' sex advice should be ignored. When you see couples like Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson flirting with each other on the red carpet, you realize they must have even more fun when the cameras aren't following their every more. And when couples like Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon still gush about each other in interviews, you find yourself wishing you knew their secrets—and now you do!

To give your summer the sexy start it needs, we've compiled the best sex tips from the longest-lasting, happiest couples in La-La-Land. Surprise your lover with one of these suggestions tonight. VIEW THE GALLERY: CELEB COUPLES SPILL: "OUR SECRETS TO HOT SEX..."

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