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Over 60 Dating - The 1st dating site catering to over 60 seniors


A dating site catering to over 60 senior citizens has been launched.

A dating site catering to over 60 senior citizens has been launched by Successful Match Inc on May 13 to help the over 60 group find love & companionship again.

According to Successful Match, the original service provider powering online dating sites, is the first online dating site catering to the over 60 group. There are more than 4500 online dating sites in the USA but there is not 1 specially designed for over 60 senior citizens. “Seniors are rushing to online dating sites such as Match, Plenty of Fish, and Howaboutwe, which are the most popular online dating sites and the largest online communities for singles at any age. Yes, at any age. Looking for a senior match on sites like Match, Plenty of Fish, and Howaboutwe is like looking for a needle in the ocean. People may have to send out a mass of emails to get a response. They also have to view hundreds of thousands of profiles to find a potential match. was created to narrow the range of age, interests, and nationality, so as to save singles’ time in finding a suitable match”, said Martha S, founder of

On, members can easily find people in certain age, like 60 to 85, who live in the same city or state, and who shares similar interests like golfing or traveling. The site is easy to navigate since it’s designed for old people who might not be good at using a computer and online dating sites. After login, members reach at a page with site features listed. Members can view how many emails and ice-breaking winks or greeting cards they have received.

The site’s main features are:

1. Free to sign up and post profiles and photos (up to 26 photos for standard members)

2. Quick search local senior people by setting age and zip code.

3. Advanced search – searching for those who have interests in common.

4. Send ice-breaking winks to selected members (no limits for all members)

5. Send emails and reply to emails via personal email address.

6. Browse other members fashion show photo.

7. Write blog posts and chat with others in forums.

8. Over 1100 dating tips and dating advice for senior singles.

9. Dating expert and live support to answer dating questions and help resolve problems.


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