Want to Find Out If He’s The One? Take Your Love On The Road


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A survey from YourTango and Ford reveals road trips can strengthen couples’ relationships.

2. "On a road trip last summer, we stopped at a rest area to use the restroom. After I was done, I was walking back to the car when I watched my husband, checking email on his iPhone, walk to a car similar to ours and attempt to open the door. Inside there was an older woman with a look of panic on her face. She immediately locked her car and reached for her cell phone. My husband finally realized he was at the wrong car, apologized and ran to our car." 

3. "In Costa Rica, we were heading back to the airport and decided to spend our foreign money but later approached an unexpected toll. Because we had no money to pay they made us back up on this huge highway. We pulled over to the side of the road and agreed we’d either ask someone for the money or miss our flight. So my husband is running up to cars yelling 'stop stop, I'm an American' and I’m yelling 'baby be careful, don’t get hit!' This is so our love life ... very adventurous!"


4. I still laugh at leaving my husband in the gas station restroom and driving off. Don't know how we didn't know he wasn't in the car! Had to back track to get him and he wasn't very happy about it.

5. Driving through Colorado, we got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, on a snowy mountain road, with no cell phone service. We then discovered that our spare tire was flat. It was literally one of those moments where nothing was going right, but instead of being terrified we chose to bundle up and take a scenic hike together. Instead of freaking out, we enjoyed the walk and in a few miles came across a pay phone to call AAA roadside assistance. It just proved the power of partnership in the worst of times!

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