Kristen Wiig: The Ultimate Girls' Girl In GIFs!


Kristen Wiig: The Girls' Girl We Love In GIFs!
Kristen Wiig is our best celeb girlfriend, so celebrate her hosting 'Saturday Night Live' with GIFs!

Kristen Wiig is the ultimate girls' girl: One you love to party with, cry with, hang with or veg with and still have it be awesome, hilarious and amazing—and she's coming back to Saturday Night Live this weekend to host! (Dude, we've missed her so much!) To celebrate her return (even if it's only for one night), we've compiled our favorite GIFs of our imaginary best girlfriend coaching us through our romantic hiccups!

When Kristen hears that douchebag never called you back:
Kristen Wiig


How she deals when you go on and on and on about that jerk she warned you to dump a long time ago:
Kristen Wiig

What she urges you to do when you see your ex with his new girlfriend:
Kristen Wiig

And here's her mimicking your replacement:

Kristen Wiig

How does she feel about accepting a drink from a guy you have no interest in?
Kristen Wiig

Sometimes you just don't want the good guy. Kristen understands:
Kristen Wiig

She won't let you feel like this while rehashing your one night stand:
Kristen Wiig

And any time a man breaks your heart, he betta expect this:
Kristen Wiig


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Photo: IMDB

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