Four Dates and a Wedding


Four Dates and a Wedding
Lisa Becker endured a rollercoaster ride before meeting her husband...

By Lisa Becker for

You’ve heard of the movie Four Wedding and a Funeral? Well, the story of how I met my husband online is Four Dates and a Wedding. Those online dates yielded some valuable lessons, which I’m happy to share in order to help other online love seekers:



Date 1: Justin

When I dipped my toe into the online dating pool, I was reeling from a bad breakup. Too modest and emotionally-bruised to write glowing things about myself in my profile, I instead wrote what other people would say about me, such as my family and co-workers. For example, I wrote, “My friends would say I’m fun, easy going and incredibly loyal, and my nephew would say I’m incredibly silly but sing a mean rendition of I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” I received dozens of generic emails reading, “You sound interesting and I think we would have a lot in common.” It felt as though these men were carpet bombing the online dating site in the hopes of getting someone to respond. Justin emailed me one simple line that captured my attention and heart: “I would say adorable.” I was hooked! While it didn’t work out in the long run, he was as sweet, charming and sincere as I had imagined he would be.

Lesson: If it doesn’t sound as if he’s read your profile, he might not have.

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Date 2: Pete

From his profile and our brief email exchanges, Pete sounded like fun. He had three photos posted, and all of them seemed to be taken in a party setting where he was enjoying a cocktail. On our one and only dinner date, Pete’s true colors rang through. Every story seemed to begin with, “My buddies and I were out drinking one night.” I knew right away that he wasn’t the man for me.

Lesson: Pay attention to the little details, as they can often be quite telling.

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Date 3: Eric

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