Five Wackiest Company Cultures


Five Wackiest Company Cultures

<p><a href="" title="Rooftop pingpong by davem_330, on Flickr"><img src="" width="320" height="213" alt="Rooftop pingpong"align="right"></a></p>
It should come as no shock that employees love working at <a href=" ">Switch</a> in St. Louis, Missouri. Learning lunches and happy hours are common place at the company, as are ping-pong tournaments and paper airplane contests. The best thing about working at Switch may be the annual Field Day. The company closes its doors one day each year for a sort of employee Olympics. Owners invest thousands of dollars in this major event, encouraging employees to utilize their best creative efforts in order to win gift cards and time off of work.
<h3>5.Team One</h3>
Another stellar company located in California, <a href=" ">Team One</a> offers what some employees would die for: the chance to pitch pumpkins off of a roof. Punkin Chunkin gives employees a chance to relieve stress and have fun while they do it. To encourage hard work and camaraderie, the company allows employees to nominate each other for the Slash Awards. Winners are outstanding employees who in turn receive a week of paid vacation and a whopping $5,000 to spend during their break.
<p>If you thought your company's culture was a bit mundane, you may just have been right. If these companies are any indication, it is 100 percent possible to have fun at work and get the job done. The next time you find yourself staring at the clock from your tiny cubicle, write one of the ideas above down and slide it under your boss's door.</p>
Writer Stacy Hilliard blogs on several education sites for schools such as <a href="">Northeastern University</a>.  


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