Five Wackiest Company Cultures


Five Wackiest Company Cultures

<p>Strange to some, normal to thousands. That's the best way to describe the cultures of some of the most sought after employers in the nation. Rather than allowing employees to come to work, muddle through the day and go home, these companies have created cultures that encourage respect, creativity and, strangest of all: fun. Here are five of what some would consider the wackiest company cultures out there:</p>
<h3>1.Chandelier Creative</h3>
<p><a href="" title="toby loves balls by theogeo, on Flickr"><img src="" width="213" height="320" alt="toby loves balls"align="right"></a></p>
With offices in New York, Milan, Shanghai and Beijing, this company is no stranger to diversity and fun. Imagine going to work only to be told the weekly meeting was going to be held in a pit of colorful, plastic balls, reminiscent of the pit at McDonald's Playland. Consider what it would be like to sit around a fire pit located just outside of a teepee. What would it be like to run through New York City on a mad scavenger hunt and have one of your challenges to be "kiss a police officer"? The employees of <a href=" ">Chandelier Creative</a> don't have to imagine these things; they all take place within this fabulous company.
You'll find <a href=""> BFG</a> in South Carolina and, if you can secure a position there, you'll be glad that you did. Are your sleeves made of tattoos or silk? Is your hair finely styled or casually mussed? No matter what you look like or how you dress, BFG will welcome you with open arms. The company prides itself on a little-engine-that-could attitude and only asks its employees to give 100 percent. Bowling leagues, lunchtime surfing and Food Truck Tuesdays are all enjoyed by the employees of this independent agency.
<h3>3.Grupo Gallegos</h3>
<p><a href="" title="foosball at work by Al Abut, on Flickr"><img src="" width="320" height="209" alt="foosball at work"align="left"></a></p>
It may not come as a surprise that one of the hippest company cultures can be found in California. Located in Huntington Beach, <a href=" ">Grupo Gallegos</a> is housed in a converted movie theater. White umbrellas hang upside down from the ceiling, colorful ceilings adorn the workspace and a full-size basketball court, batting cage and foosball tables are available for entertainment. Do you have a creative streak? As an employee at Grupo Gallegos, you can expect to have your creativity on display in a gallery showcasing employees' art projects.


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