What Ever Happen To The Concept Of The Virgin?


What Ever Happen To The Concept Of The Virgin?
What ever happen to the concept of the virgin and waiting to have sex until you get married?

Secondly, women often take on the energy of the man they have been sleeping with. Birds of a feather flock together, meaning that if your man was a no-good bum, and you were with him for a couple of years, than some of those bad habits unknowingly rubbed off onto you. You get used to having to treat him a certain way: “Johnny, are you going to look for a job today, or just play XBox and PlayStation all day long while I work my butt off to take care of this family?” (Are You Losing Respect For Your Man In The Relationship Because You Make More Money?) You’re in control of the finances, the family and the relationship. Now, after breaking up with Johnny, you meet Teddy, who is a responsible man, but you still carry the mental baggage of being with a lazy man for so many years. You sabotage your new relationship with Teddy because you cannot believe a man could be so different. You are so used to talking to a Johnny like he is a little boy that this energy unknowingly comes across in your new relationship. Why? Because, like sponges, women absorb the energy, bad or good, of the men they are sleeping with. This is one of the reasons why a woman can be with one man and stab another in the back at the same time. It depends on whom she is sleeping with, communicating with or loves at that moment. It’s dangerous for men, and it’s an emotional nightmare for all parties. It’s really amazing to see how women who are cheating, or women who enter into a new relationship, change their behavior drastically. They act differently, start to make little smart remarks or cannot go places with their friends anymore. Geez, what happened? Are you in a relationship or in jail? Your man or your friends may not notice at first, but eventually, they will start to see a different you, because you have now taken on the energy of that new man.

Thirdly, taking on another man’s energy often leads to picking up on his bad habits. Conversely, if he is successful and hardworking, you will take some of that energy with you to the next relationship. So you have to be careful that the next man’s energy is not in conflict spiritually, physically or sexually. There is a lot going on in one sexual act; more than you realize. Why? When your animal instincts overrule your intuition, many of the finer vibrations you receive in the sexual union go unnoticed until it’s too late. Then you say, “It was fun while it lasted,” or you regret having sex with that particular man. Now you cannot take it back and it is recorded in the history books, all because you were not conscious of your actions.


You can always tell a lot about a woman by whom she was previously having sex with, and by what she does or does not do, physically and mentally, in her new relationship. If she lacks sexual experience, the man is wondering what type of man tolerated such a lack of performance in the bedroom, if she was not a virgin? If she has too much experience, he is wondering who she was doing it with. (All Vaginas Are Not Sexually Pleasing to the Male Species as Assumed) A man can tell by what you do or don’t do. He can also tell by what you know or don’t know. You cannot fake a sexual encounter or, for that matter, your daily habits. If your man opens the door for you and you sit there while he is struggling, with a bagful of groceries, to get his key in the lock, and you do not even think to open the door, it is a reflection not only on your upbringing but on the type of man you most recently dated. If he is smart, it will be an automatic red flag: “This woman only thinks of herself. I better end this now.” Often, the man knows that you are not the one, but his animal instincts will overrule his intuition, and he continues traveling down a road that he knows he should not. This is the sin against nature; the immoral behavior the Bible often speaks of. It’s doing something because you want to feel good but that you know intuitively is not right for you.

So whatever happened to the concept of the virgin? It seems that we may want to revisit some of the old principles, since they created more success in relationships. Granted, there were fewer distractions in those days, but in a world that is ever-more-challenging and sexual, we may want to build a solid foundation on principles that have been proven to work.

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