What Ever Happen To The Concept Of The Virgin?


What Ever Happen To The Concept Of The Virgin?
What ever happen to the concept of the virgin and waiting to have sex until you get married?

I really want to know what happened to the concept of the virgin. I asked this question recently at a relationship conference and the women looked at me with such disdain and laughter, it was like I had said something straight out of the 19th century. These days, women are having just as much sexual intercourse as men. (Ladies, What’s Up With The Ovulation Kit?) Herein lies the problem. In a man’s mind, he still prefers a virgin, or at least a modern-day virgin, i.e., a woman who has slept with five or fewer men. Now, when you get up in the 10s or even 20s and you don’t remember, don’t want to discuss it or say “next question, please,” we have a problem. You see, men desire to marry virgins, as opposed to women who have slept with numerous men. Many of you remain single for this very reason--a secret men keep to themselves:

“Hey, Tim, have you seen Suzy? I am interested in her.”

“Mike, Suzy has been around the block a few times, to say the least. You might want to consider other options.”

I know you are screaming, “Not fair!” Ladies, I did not make the rules. I am here to help you reach your goal of finding and keeping the Man of your Dreams (MOYD) by giving the absolute honest truth and a clear understanding of how men think and feel.

So what to do? Well, obviously we cannot turn back the hands of time, but what you can do is constantly have a clear understanding of how men think and feel and continuously invest in being the best person you can be. This will attract the best results.

Let’s briefly talk about the significance of women sleeping with numerous men, and how it can get right smack in the way of you finding and keeping the MOYD. First, your reputation precedes you. There is nothing worse for a man than a woman who has slept with a number of his friends and associates. In a small town, you’re dead. In this case, moving and reinventing yourself is often the best solution. It’s downright embarrassing for a man when, as he stands there holding your hand, the fellas are all comparing notes and laughing. This is not good for his advancement or solidifying his future business relationships. Other men are looking at him as if he were dumb or weak. I know it sounds stupid, but this is reality. Men talk and compare notes, especially when it comes to a very well-known, promiscuous woman.

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