Wedding Gifts: Top Retailers Reveal Most Popular Registry Items


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Industry experts dish on the 31 hottest bridal gifts.

Brides-to be, grab those scanning guns and take heed: We talked to reps from three of the top wedding registry retailers, Bloomingdales, Macy's and Bed, Bath and Beyond, and each gave us the most popular registry items at their store so you can be prepared to start your beautiful new life together.

Though the traditional bridal registry has been around for years, the needs of modern brides have evolved beyond just the standard formal, fine china. "Today, many couples are mixing different styles — incorporating both casual and formal elements to create an environment that they love to come home to both alone as a couple, and together with friends and family," says Joanna Kartalis, Director of The Registry at Bloomingdales.

Wedding registry gifts are also a timeless way for your loved ones to honor a milestone in your life. "It's best to really think about how you live and plan to entertain. You'll want to fill your home with pieces that are an expression of your own style, just like building your wardrobe," says Kartalis.

Need to register and not sure where to start? Susan Bertelsen, Group Vice President of Macy's Wedding & Gift Registry says a lot of couples start their online registry and then come into the store to touch and feel certain products. "For example, towels, sheets or even a good knife set, you should come in store and really see how it feels in your hand and make sure you like it."

Kartalis recommends partnering with a registry consultant in person. She also recommends using the online registry to scan other customer's reviews of the products, and to add, update and manage your registry 24/7 (in case you wake up in the middle of the night and decide you HATE your china pattern or you just HAVE to have that panini maker). She adds that Bloomingdales even has a scanning app called the Bloomingdale's Big Brown App.

If you're a bride-to-be who believes all you really need is love, or you're shopping for the couple that already has everything, experts still advise that you design a registry. "Couples who don't need or want anything should still register because gifts will come, and not having a registry will ensure that you get items that you don't need, want and can't return or exchange," says Bertelsen.

Macy's has an exclusive registry benefit called the Dream Fund, which allows you to register for a gift card that your friends and family can contribute to and you can use anytime or anywhere in the store. Just think — sexy honeymoon clothes you really need or those Vince Camuto shoes you want SO much more than that blender! Keep Reading ...


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