Sex Advice: 10 Things To Never (EVER!) Do In Bed


what not to do in bed
Find out what's really turning guys off in the bedroom.

8. Be Silent
"Don't ever be silent, because it's incredibly unnerving … I was having sex with this one girl, and she would be as silent as a tomb, but after every single lay, she would be like 'wow that was amazing.' And being insecure already, I was like 'I need some reinforcement that I'm doing something right.' Plus, it's hot when a girl tells you what she likes." Translation: guys are like dogs, and need to be rewarded for good behavior. It's honestly for your own good.

9. Refer To Anything As "Cute"
This can be equally demeaning for both parties. Are you talking about his male parts, your lady parts? Your adorable little thrusts? Either way, it's like baby talk in the sack … just, no.


10. Fake Orgasms
You're not doing anyone any favors by faking; in fact you're only perpetuating this extremely accurate male mentality: "Well, no one ever fakes with me, so…" — said every guy, ever.

What do you think about these? What are your bedroom don'ts?

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