Get It Right and Get the Guy


Get It Right and Get the Guy
The real-life Hitch Matthew Hussey and his live events will turn you into a Femme Fatale

Rejection means you are doing things right and eventually will find the right one. Matthew Hussey emphasized that no one is everyone’s type. The only ones who are would be chameleons. The problem with being a chameleon is that you are rarely being your real self to the people you meet. Get the Guy is about facing rejection, being immune to it, and achieving an effective ability to meet more people.

However, Hussy’s method is not just about exponentially increasing the number of new individuals in your life. You have to be smart about every interaction you engage with to optimize your chances. With all this talk about Get the Guy and Matthew Hussey’s new bestselling book about his popular program, many wonder what’s the special formula this real-life Hitch is teaching? The secret is that women always make the first move but have men think it’s them initiating contact.


Hussey explains how this is the tried and true strategy for long-term success. A lot of what one learns in the Get the Guy live event is that many common perceptions about how men and women connect are actually misconceptions. Like many women I had believed since High School that if a guy is really interested he would make the first move. Hussey, who began his coaching career working with men, shares that in reality it’s much more complicated. He explains that when a man really does like a woman he will be nervous and awkward in the first few minutes of a first conversation.

In a way it makes sense. With all the drama around sexual harassment laws most decent men are afraid to come across as slimy. This was one of the many A-HA moments from Hussey. That and an order from him to talk to more cute guys you are actually attracted to. Most women play it safe and strike up conversations with the risk-free comfortable men who don’t appeal to them as a potential significant romantic other.

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