How I Got the Guy in San Francisco thanks to Matthew Hussey


How I Got the Guy in San Francisco thanks to Matthew Hussey
The real life Hitch strikes again and California Dreaming turned California Loving

Another critical myth that was busted at the live event was the notion that Hussey is a dating expert. Sure he just wrote a bestselling book called “Get the Guy” and appeared on NBS’s “Ready for Love” but it’s an error to call him a dating coach. What Hussey really does is teach people how to master the art of human dynamics. His “Get the Guy” program is simply one facet of Hussey’s expertise. Its human dynamics tactics applied to cultivating a serious relationship. That is why it works.

There are plenty of dating and attraction programs out there so what makes Matthew Hussey different? In my humble opinion it’s his genuine intention to help women in their love lives. Other dating gurus seem to be either bitter male misogynists or women overtly enamored with the law of attraction and not enough effective action. Hussey is not perfect but he is balanced and that alone makes him stand out.


While I have only read the newsletters of his male contemporaries I’ve had much more experience with female love gurus. To each their own because a program will work for you only as well as its content is compatible with your core beliefs or willingness to build the confidence to follow it through 100%. Hussey proved in his live workshop why “Get the Guy” has caught like wildfire in the UK and now the US. Simply, it works. Why? Hussey can prove results with testimonials. The method speaks for itself really.

Get the Guy” is also a testament to common sense. To achieve a goal is a simple equation of having a target and being in action consistently to support turning a dream into reality. Everything else is circumspect. Sure, you can meditate for two hours a day and keep telling yourself that love will find you like the Kathryn Alice crowd, but if you don’t get the guts to go online dating and give offline men “the look” at bars, you’re going to end up alone again in a year. Even Hussey himself will tell you that unless you cultivate a strong genuine sense of self-worth, no technique will work, then he proceeds to show you how in his lifestyle retreats.

How do I know this? I’m one of those smart successful women who tried visualizing and believing that "I will get love" (because a love guru insisted I have faith in her program instead) before dates and social events to no effect. What shocked me into reality was when after more than a year of giving my 100% focus to the “Love Will Find You” method of Kathryn Alice, I was still single. Not only was my heart broken by a lack of results but the love guru herself figuratively punched me in the stomach. How? She told me that my failure to manifest a soulmate was due to my laziness.

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