How I Got the Guy in San Francisco thanks to Matthew Hussey


How I Got the Guy in San Francisco thanks to Matthew Hussey
The real life Hitch strikes again and California Dreaming turned California Loving

Yes … I got the guy in San Francisco. The real life Hitch (Matthew Hussey of Get the Guy) was in the Bay Area for a live event designed to take you from Fraulein to Frau or Mademoiselle to Madam in rapid time. He delivered. No, I did not go out on the town to put his tasks to the test. Instead, I “got” the guy. Translation … I finally got the male mind and that alone is a strong start to getting not just any guy but my guy aka the lucky one. Hussey says that any man who wins the high value woman has won a lifetime of Lady Luck by his side.

One way or another Matthew Hussey’s System is getting any determined gal hitched. There was one key myth exposed at the Get the Guy Live event in San Francisco. People assume that any dating advice workshop (in Hussey’s case it’s more of a bootcamp) aimed at women would be filled with over-the-hill ladies horribly deficient in the attractiveness and social savvy department.


Big shocker to find out that the audience was comprised of the polar opposite. It’s beyond me why Hussey is single given the multitudes of young, beautiful, intelligent, fun, and socially successful bombshells that represent his core customer demographics. If you don’t believe me check his website and YouTube channel and see for yourself.

How could so many great catches be single? Hussey has the answer and the solutions.

Ever since feminism radically altered the politics of male-female relations, dating and mating has undergone nothing short of a crisis. As Hussey explained, back in the Victorian Era, women made the first move to invite a man to approach them. He calls this the “handkerchief method”. A woman would drop a handkerchief by a man she was interested in and he would pick it up and return it to her. Best of all, the man would think this was his idea. This social opening allowed the couple to start a conversation. In some instances one thing would lead to another. In 21st century San Francisco and elsewhere, no one has a handkerchief, but few know what other effective strategy to use. That’s where Hussey is a woman’s real life Hitch.

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