10 Dating Tips on How to Be Different From the Competition!


10 Dating Tips on How to Be Different From the Competition!

9. Flat-out give a man the wrong number. That’s cold! Ladies, we know you think you have great reasons for giving a man the wrong number, but it is the rudest of dating behaviors. Just put yourself in the man’s shoes for a moment. You've gotten all dressed up and are looking great to attract the MOYD, so naturally you are going to attract other men. A man meets you and is excited to communicate with you. He asks for your number, gets home the next day to give you a call and some guy named Teddy picks up and says, “Hello!” Him: Hello, can I speak to Jenny? Teddy: Jenny who? Him: Jenny?? Teddy: Man, you have the wrong number. Can you say, next to the worst feeling in the world? How low did you just make that man feel?

10. Fail to take responsibility. You meet a nice guy, speak a few times and even go out on a date, and then you get real flaky. Essentially, you do not value the words that come out of your mouth. You will tell a man you are going to call back and never do. You will tell a man you and he are going out one night, then you never show up or even call to apologize. But the next time you do speak to him, a few days later, you will have an excuse that puts him at fault, instead of apologizing and taking responsibility. Believe me, karma and the natural laws of the universe are alive and well and will eventually catch up to us all.

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